Regional Employment Exchange (REX)

A Rex is the assessment Partner of Seekruit and owns the master rights of its State/Region. Seekruit’s Digital employment Exchange Partners come under the umbrella of REX Partner of that state. REX will have a team of Domain Expert Assessors who will assess the Video interviews of Candidates by following the pre-defined scoring pattern. It is a AI Technology based business model with automated processes hence there would not be any operational hassles in the entire process. The Rex partner gets the training and Sales & Marketing support along with one Business Manager and Franchise Manager by Seekruit on its payroll.


Full State Accountability Of Business And Revenue

REX partner will have state rights and will accountable to business and revenue of the entire state.


Revenue Share Model

This Franchise model is based on revenue share and it is a fully transparent aggregator model.


Higher Earning Potential

The REX partner earns through assessment, DEX Management and acquisition in the assigned state.


No Operational Hassles

It is an Automated AI based digital Platform with no manual intervention which leads to hassle free operations.


No Calling And Coordination Required

No need to make numerous calls to candidate and clients. REX partner only manages the assessment part in the recruitment process through Seekruit’s digital software.


No Sales And Acquisition Required

No need to worry about generating business, both client and candidate acquisition will be managed by Seekruit.

Become a Seekruit Partner

Team with 20+ years of experience

Experienced and well networked team that works to get new job openings 24x7.

Top employers

Brands from multiple levels and categories with lacs of openings.

Job Seekers Across India

No matter which city you are in, We have pre-assessed candidates and clients across India.

Business in COVID-19

Recruitment category is growing tremendously and even faster during covid and technology will make this 10 times profitable.

REX Locator

Our Regional Employment Exchange(REX) is spread across the country. To apply for various job opportunities, find and visit your nearest REX.