Telecalling Employment Exchange (TELEX)

Telex is a calling partner and a part of Seekruit’s recruitment process that has introduced the new era of hiring digitally. Telex Partner’s team will reach out to the candidates looking for a job and conduct their first level telephonic profile screening. The candidate will be directed to go to the nearest Digital employment Exchange (Seekruit’s partner) for assessment if he gets shortlisted. It will be a script based communication and hence no domain based expertise would be required. Telex partner will be able to double his revenue by using existing infra and resources.


Increase The Revenue Of Your Existing Call Centre

It is a low investment high returns opportunity as the Telex Partner will be using his existing call center and resources to manage the calling process of Seekruit.


Utilize Existing Team And Infra

Utilize your existing team and infrastructure and start new business process.


No Selling Process

The team can work with ease as there is no sales pressure. Client’s and Candidate’s database will be provided by Seekruit.


No Operational Hassles

This is a AI Technology based business model with pre-defined processes hence no need to get hassled with operational management.


Earn As Per Your Potential

It depends on you how much you want to earn, more time invested will lead to more returns.

Become a Seekruit Partner

Team with 20+ years of experience

Experienced and well networked team that works to get new job openings 24x7.

Top employers

Brands from multiple levels and categories with lacs of openings.

Job Seekers Across India

No matter which city you are in, We have pre-assessed candidates and clients across India.

Business in COVID-19

Recruitment category is growing tremendously and even faster during covid and technology will make this 10 times profitable.

TELEX Locator

Our Telephonic Employment Exchange(TELEX) is spread across the country. To apply for various job opportunities, find and visit your nearest TELEX.